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Didn’t get MBBS in Medical College in India?

With the NEET UG results, students are worried about getting MBBS admissions in India, thousands of medical aspirants are left with a career dilemma. The month of July bought a taste of success to few and bitterness of failure & struggle to thousands of medical aspirants.

Every year approximately 20 lakh students dream about getting through NEET and of securing an MBBS seat for themselves but very few could turn their dreams into reality. Due to less availability of MBBS seats in Govt. medical colleges, the percentage of students getting MBBS is as low as 5%.

This huge gap in no. of medical aspirants and availability of MBBS seats, is taking a toll over the future of medical aspirants. The candidates who fail to get an MBBS seat will mostly wait for the next attempt. Every year no. of medical aspirants increases by approximately 2 lac, which further leads to a higher level of competition. Chances of getting an MBBS seat is eventually getting tougher with every passing year. Few students are lucky enough to crack the exam in subsequent attempts while a lot of students waste their time in preparation and end up giving up on their dream. The journey of getting MBBS in India needs a lot of patience & perseverance.

Do you know after the end of this year’s MBBS counseling in India what are the options available for the candidates who will not get MBBS admission?

Most of the unsuccessful candidates go for one of the following options:

  • ONE MORE ATTEMPT – Many students believe that investing one more year might fetch good results for them. Giving one more attempt can turn the tables for few but there is always an associated uncertainty. Every year cut-offs are getting higher and no. of students eligible to appear in NEET is also increasing. Thus, giving one more attempt is surely a courageous decision to make.
  • MBBS IN PRIVATE MEDICAL COLLEGES – Many students who couldn’t get a seat in Govt. Medical colleges can opt for Private Medical colleges if they can afford to pay a hefty fee. Not many students could afford to take admission in private colleges due to sky-high fees of private colleges. The average tuition fee for MBBS in private colleges ranges from 10 lac to 15 lac per annum.
  • STUDY MBBS ABROAD – The students who are aware of the benefits of studying overseas, generally opt to pursue MBBS abroad. They get quality education and MCI approved MBBS degree in their budget in various countries like Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Russia,Georgia, Armenia, etc.
  • SWITCH TO OTHER CAREER OPTIONS – The majority of students give up on their dream to pursue MBBS either due to multiple failed attempts in NEET or due to heavy fees of private medical colleges. They either go for Dentistry, Pharmacy, Unani or paramedical sciences or Life sciences.

Many people are not aware of the benefits of studying MBBS abroad and lack of awareness costs them either hefty money or years, trying to get through the exam.

In the era of globalization, there are no boundaries to gain knowledge. Here we are listing the few benefits of pursuing MBBS Abroad -

  1. Get quality education at an affordable fee
  2. Study in MCI and WHO recognized universities
  3. Due to NMC bill and provision of NEXT, now foreign medical graduates are at par with Indian medical graduates( both have to clear NEXT)
  4. Some foreign universities provide free classes to prepare for NEXT and USMLE for eg. LN Medical College, Kyrgyzstan.
  5. Chances of getting fellowships in foreign countries are higher than getting admission in PG.
  6. Exposure to the latest medical technologies
  7. Exposure to the latest medical technologies
  8. Opportunity to learn from Global medical community
  9. No entrance exams
  10. Global standards of Education
  11. Better job Opportunities
  12. Global exposure will not only increase employability but also adds to personal growth.

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