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Pros and Cons About Studying MBBS Abroad

The demand for MBBS seats is rising with 20 lakhs students applying to write NEET to claim their share of the opportunity to become doctors of tomorrow. You understand how this seat crunch has necessitated the need for fresh avenues for medical college aspirants like yourself such as new colleges to apply to. And, now you have it in the form of medical colleges in other countries like Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine, etc. To make an informed decision, you have to know the good and bad things about venturing abroad to do your MBBS.

Advantages To Pursue MBBS Abroad

  1. Budget This is the primary consideration for all candidates. The admission into government colleges depends on your NEET ranking and if one doesn’t score well, then the chances of getting admission is a moot one. In this case, you have to seek admission to private colleges and you know how costly this option can prove to be.
  2. Choice – The other option for medical college aspirants is to go abroad. There are countries like Kyrgyzstan,Russia, and Ukraine , etc, where one can do the six-year MBBS degree comfortably. By comfortably, we mean you will have to bear a cost of only Rs. 20 to 30 lakhs which is reasonable and affordable. Most candidates choose to do MBBS in Kyrgyzstan because it is the most affordable country as well as it also offers Indianised medical education in colleges like LN Medical College, Kyrgyzstan.
  3. Chance to Study in Govt or State funded Colleges – Most of the MBBS seats you get abroad are in top government colleges, both national and state-funded. So, this is a good option for people who have confidence in their talent and want to pursue MBBS Abroad.
  4. Safety and Security – There are many countries where students can pursue MBBS without getting worried about their safety. Universities like LN Medical College, Kyrgyzstan provides modern security facilities in the students hostels. They take special care for safety and security of women students.
  5. Teacher to Student Ratio – Most abroad universities follow Global teaching standards and maintain a recommended teacher to student ratio. This facilitates the personal attention to each students while delivering the lectures in the classroom.

Disadvantages of Doing MBBS Abroad

On the flip side, there are a few disadvantages about going abroad to study MBBS.

  • Strict Rules – All the rules – those of the hostel, the university, or any other – are very strict. For instance, if you don’t follow the timings set by the hostel, they will inform your parents at once.
  • Fixed Budget – You have a fixed budget abroad. You need to have a good financial management while studying in foreign countries. You should plan all your expenditure before hand to avoid having any financial trouble.
  • Temperature and Climate – Climate of the country should be suitable for the students. some students can’t adjust easily due to extreme weather conditions.
  • Food – You must be able to adjust to the food habits of the foreign country where you are going, you are not going to get much choice in this regard. However, universities like LN Medical College, Kyrgyzstan offers Indian food in its mess.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages of studying MBBS abroad. One should always consider the cost to benefit ratio while making the decision.

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